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Industry Leader Phylion Battery Successfully Participated the Internati...
On October 25, 2019, enterprises of E-bike industry gathered in Nanjing exhibition, and all of them exhibited various kinds of their latest designs. Phylion Battery, located in the central position of ...
  • The Number of Lithium-ion Battery which Phylion has provided for Sharing E-bike of DiDi Reaches 1 Million
    In March 2020, as the core supplier of Qingju electric bicycle power battery under DiDi, Phylion reached 1 million sets of lithium batteries, setting the first milestone of cooperation between the two sides. In the future...
  • Participating Auto Expo, Phylion Contributes to India EV Journey
    On February 6, 2020, Auto Expo India was held in New Delhi. The exhibition is co-sponsored by SIAM, CII and ACMA which holds every two years, and it is the largest and most authoritative auto component exhibition in India...
  • With effective epidemic prevention measures, we return to work
    AfteranunusualSpringFestivalholiday,Phylionhasreturnedtoproductioninorder.StaffofPhylionChuzhouproductionbaseofficiallyreturnedtoworkonFebruary10.WhilestaffinSuzhoualsowentbacktoofficeonFebruary11. In this resumption of w...