High energy LFP

Built for specific scenarios and categories of applications

Advanced material selection
LFP marterial with high capacity pergram, excellent cycling performance
Compound graphite make better performance in low temperature
3D conductive network: Carbon black, CNT and conductive graphene,improved electrode plate conductivity
Improved electrolyte conductivity in lower temeperature
Cycle life≥3000 cycles
Excellent cycle life
Cycle life of cell ≥3000 cycles
Cycle life of battery pack ≥2000 cycles
Battery pack
cycle life of cell
85% capacity discharged @-20℃
Excellent low temperature performance
80% capacity of cell discharged and 85% capacity of battery pack discharged @-20℃
Battery pack
No capacity attenuation after long storage
Excellent performance of charge retention & recovery
Capacity can recover near 100% after 28 days storage
*No capacity attenuation means the lose of capacity is less than 0.9%

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