Luyuan Joined the Phylion Partner Program

Time:2020-07-24 15:39
On July 23, Luyuan electric vehicle and Phylion battery jointly held the signing ceremony of "Phylion Partner Program" in Zhejiang Luyuan base. Luyuan electric vehicle officially joined the Phylion partner program and became an important member of Phylion partner! Feng Xiao, Chairman and President of Phylion Battery Co., Ltd., and Ni Jie, Chairman of Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., attended the signing ceremony.

Luyuan electric vehicle has been deeply cultivated in the electric vehicle industry for 23 years, leading the development of electric vehicle core technology, with three intelligent technology systems to ensure the electric vehicle products safe, reliable and with less trouble. As the core supplier of Luyuan lithium battery, Phylion has focused on the R & D and production of lithium batteries for electric vehicles for 16 years. The manganese based multi-element composite lithium batteries are safe, durable, portable and far-reaching, and its global sales volume is far ahead. Through the signed "Phylion Partner Program", the two sides will further carry out closer cooperation in product research and development, brand promotion and other aspects, so as to promote the technical development of intelligent lithium electric vehicles in the industry.

After the signing ceremony, the Luyuan new product launch ceremony was ceremoniously launched, and K5 and K7 smart lithium electric vehicle successively appeared. The two lithium electric vehicles are equipped with a battery management system, which can accurately display the power, remind the battery temperature, display the number of battery cycles, and remind users to charge. Its core power is Phylion Hengpeng series 4824-G2 lithium battery. The 4824-G2 calculates the electric quantity accurately by coulometer, and transmits it to the instrument through intelligent communication, so as to ensure the accurate display of electric quantity and help consumers riding intelligently.

The Hengpeng series lithium batteries of Phylion adopt the manganese series multiple composite lithium technology route, which is not only safe, intelligent, long cycle life, but also could discharge efficiently in high and low temperature environment. It has great endurance advantages and has ultra-high cost performance. At present, it has become the first choice of lithium batteries in the field of domestic electric two wheelers.

Together, Phylion and Luyuan will set a benchmark for lithium electric vehicle technology, quality and safety, and bring better and more intelligent riding experience for consumers.