Participating Auto Expo, Phylion Contributes to India EV Journey

Time:2020-02-17 17:06

On February 6, 2020, Auto Expo India was held in New Delhi. The exhibition is co-sponsored by SIAM, CII and ACMA which holds every two years, and it is the largest and most authoritative auto component exhibition in India. Phylion, as the cell maker, continues to bring its products and intelligent IOT aftersales solutions.

In past 11 years, Phylion has been expanding its EU & India market and accelerating global layout. The accumulated sales volume of its lithium-ion battery for light electric vehicle ranks No. 1 globally. And it is the same ranking as the sales volume for the electric two-wheeler battery in India. While in Europe, Phylion is No.2 in market share of e-bike batteries.
Still Phylion will continue to optimize its products and services, and help India local battery pack makers for using Phylion cells.
As a leading lithium-ion battery cell manufacturer in the global light EV industry, Phylion has demonstrated the self-developed laminated prismatic cell with many patented technologies. It not only won the market of light electric vehicles, but also has a wide range of applications in electric vehicles, energy storage and other industrial fields.

Phylion also brings a full range of lithium-ion battery pack products and cells specially designed for Indian electric three-wheeler and two-wheeler markets. Among them, the 48V96Ah series, which will be launched soon, attracts many local customers with the features of high safety, intelligence, GPS positioning and IPX7 waterproof level.
Another highlight of the exhibition is the intelligent IOT aftersales platform. The system realizes 4 functions: e-system optimization & validation, EV parameters setting & data management, vehicle fast diagnosis and remote service, and provides intelligent after service for light electric vehicles through intelligent service software, big data and cloud.
By advanced technology and manufacturing experience, Phylion with 4 years experience in India market, has been dedicated in more involvement in India EV journey.