With effective epidemic prevention measures, we return to work

Time:2020-02-13 14:43


After an unusual Spring Festival holiday, Phylion has returned to production in order. Staff of Phylion Chuzhou production base officially returned to work on February 10. While staff in Suzhou also went back to office on 
February 11.


In this resumption of work, Phylion made every effort to the epidemic prevention, earnestly implement the deployment and requirements of the central and local government. While focusing on production, give full play to the advantages of precise management and control of the enterprise, accurately monitor the health situation of the personnel, ensure the safety of employees. On the other hand, it will make efforts to resume production and ensure the supply of products.


Every Phylion Staff follow the procedure, wear a mask, take body temperature, pass with ID card. The distance is the best kindness for each other.


Each employee has meals at designated times and separated seats. The safety specialists focus on the prevention and control of the company's smoking area. Phylion manage the riskiest places with the principle of quality traceability.

Comprehensive disinfection and protection in public areas is aimed to ensure production orderly.


At present, riding an electric bicycle is one of the simplest and safest ways of traveling. Behave oneself well is to make the greatest contribution to the society.


All the Phylion personnel committed to one same goal. On the basis of active protection, Phylion makes efforts to resume production, ensure supply and service, achieve both epidemic prevention and production, shoulder the duty of the light electric vehicle lithium battery industry benchmark, and let us work together with the industry to overcome the difficulties!