Phylion's new 2.5GWh production line was put into operation

Time:2016-11-17 16:03

    Phylion's new Li-ion battery production line was put into operation in October, 2016. Based on “Super Lithium manganite” technology, the production capacity is designed annual 2.5GWh with 52% efficiency improvement. The new production line is created for high cost-effective manufacturing system. It will promote the rapid development of electric vehicle business.

From electric bicycle to electric vehicle, railway, energy storage, military and communication base, Phylion provides power battery solutions for various new energy applications. Phylion has assembled electric vehicles for 2008 Beijing Olympic games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The electric bicycle powered by Phylion Battery were given as state gift to Barack Hussein Obama, former president of USA. Over 20000 electric vehicles and 4 million of electric bicycles were powered by Phylion battery today.


 Electric vehicles powered by Phylion Battery for Shanghai World Expo 2010

The manufacturing system created for the unique "super lithium manganate" technology is not simply introduction of foreign technology and equipment, but "tailored". With many years of experience in equipment research and development, Phylion built a super production line that is low energy consumption, low loss, high efficiency and high quality.