European distributor delegation visited Phylion to explore the world-class batteries

Time:2016-11-09 16:04

    On November 9th, leaded by Tweewieler, the top bicycle media, the European distributor delegation of 37 people visited Phylion manufacturing base. Most of the dealers were already cooperated with Phylion for years. In addition to recognition of products and services, their main objective is to know how the first power lithium battery be produced. In Europe, Phylion’s sales has reached 1.95 million lithium batteries totally with top 1 market share.




    The delegation visited Phylion R&D department. The Structure and appearance design of Phylion battery was the joint development by Phylion team and European designers. With the deep-know battery technology from Phylion, and the strong industrial design capability from European designer, Phylion provide top battery solution for European consumers.


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