After CNY 400 million investment, Phylion completed its shareholding restructuring

Time:2015-11-30 16:05

Phylion completed its shareholding restructuring by the end of November 2015, the company changed its name from Suzhou Phylion Battery Co., Ltd to Phylion Battery Co., Ltd. Before this, through the integration of investment and loan, the consortium led by CCB International invested over CNY 400 million. As the global investment tighten, the investment from CCB International means satisfaction of Phylion’s achievement and long-term growth potential. 

As an industrial pioneer, having internationally patented Lithium manganese anode material along with 97 independent intellectual property, Phylion has core R&D technology. Over 3 million battery packs sold globally in 12 years of marketing, Phylion become the leader in Electric bicycle and Electric logistic vehicle field. 

The new investment will promote the upgradation of capacity and technology. Phylion’s capacity will increase 40% and reach 1.6GWh after the construction of new manufacturing facility in 2016. 


Phylion Panorama