Phylion’s 60V20Ah modules get into market

Time:2015-09-13 16:09

Phylion’s new 60V20Ah battery module is sold on the market, its four advantages lead the power battery market:


The first advantage: the battery can be loaded in big bicycle at random.


The second advantage: ride 76 km easily, ride 92 km freely. Consumers are most concerned about mileage. The 60V20Ah module has been tested to ride 76 km easily. If 76 kilometers is not enough, the unique 60V24Ah module upgraded from 60V20Ah could run 92 km wildly.

The third advantage: speed king, load king. The test of 13 brand bicycles and 3 Modified bicycles each one loaded 1000W electrical machinery and 2 people who 75kg shows the maximum speed reached 50km/h, uphill and acceleration are easy to get.

The forth advantage: the large battery can be taken home to charge. Phylion’s 60V20Ah module is only 11.8kg, 25kg lighter than the same lead-acid battery.