Focus on Phylion large-scale show of lithium battery in European exhibition

Time:2015-09-03 16:10

In August 26th 2015, the European Bicycle Show opened in Friedrich Gafin, Germany. As the main brand of electric bicycle battery, Phylion takes its star products to join in this exhibition wonderfully.


The world class bikes powered by Phylion lithium batteries:


The famous bicycle of United States, Leader Bike, powered by SF-06, 36V/11.6Ah.



Italian famous bicycle brand BOTTECCHIA, has a long history of nearly 100 years, powered by SF-06, 36V/11.6Ah.



Romanian bicycle brand DEVRON, powered by SF-06, 36V/11.6Ah


Romanian bicycle brand DEVRON, powered by Wall-ES,36V/11.6Ah



The bicycle brand SAR TEAM powered by SF-06,36V/11.6Ah



Taiwan’s folding bike brand Ubike, with 30 years of history, is the world's leading brand, powered by Wall-ES, 36V/11Ah.


In addition, SF-03, DT-07, TT-15, etc. of Phylion are also the main products of this exhibition.



This year, the number of exhibitors once again breaks the record: more than 1.35 thousand. More than 46 thousand visitors were received. Visitors said Phylion lithium batteries can be seen everywhere in the market. This is the largest international recognition of Phylion.